Guests from All Directions – Welcome with a Smile

Performance at the 1. China-Asean Biennale in Nanning, China

作为一个创造领域多元而广泛的艺术家, Gabriele Horndasch 的工作领域涉及到诗歌,雕塑和新媒体艺术等方向的工作,她从类似于 Laterna Magika 的影像装置中受到启发并且加入一些中文文字的字符和隐喻。影像所呈现的城市景观是她在重庆期间所发现和选择的4座在建或弃置的被切断的交通连接桥(或工地)。艺术家以此作为高度抽象的地点,来进行汉字模仿表演。

„As an artist with a broad spectrum of creative fields, Gabriele Horndasch is engaged in works in the fields of poetry, sculpture and new media art. She was inspired by video installations that resemble Laterna Magika and added some Chinese characters and metaphors. The urban landscape depicted in the picture consists of four cut-off traffic bridges (or construction sites), which were discovered or selected during her stay in Chongqing. The artist uses this as a very abstract place to imitate Chinese characters.“

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