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Interactive installation in the exhibition „If I were you”
St. Gertrud, Cologne

Discarded illuminated letters placed on steel tubes at head height begin to light up and slowly rotate almost imperceptibly when a visitor approaches the installation.
As soon as the viewer moves away, the letters slow down, stop and their light slowly goes out.

10 illuminated letters
[Aluminium sheet, akrylic glass blue and white]
lit from both sides
10 steal tubes
10 tansformers
10 motors
10 cirquit boards
20 sensors

2,5m x 7,5m x 0,8m

St Gertrud, Cologne, September 4 – 19, 2021

With warm thanks to Roland Schön, Neudrossenfeld

With help from:
Krischan Ahlborn, photography
Florian Louis Deiss, planning construction / Lex Parka, elektronics programming
Hecho Hahne, planning construction / Franz-Josef Schumacher, planning construction
Karl Posberg / Daniel Dureika / Björn Dressler
Tino Kukulies, video

NRW artist grants 2020 and 2021


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